Payment & Insurance Info
  • PGNOVA currently accepts most major insurance companies. Please call our office if there are any questions about in-network insurance coverage or preferred provider status. 

  • All patients who pay out-of-pocket (no insurance or choose not to use insurance) and pay your bill at time of appointment will receive 30% discount off our standard office fees.  

  • PGNOVA insurance claims are processed by an outside billing consultant. If you have any questions, once you have received your invoice, please contact our billing office:

  • We accept cash, credit card and personal checks. Paying your co-pay or any overdue balance at the time of visit will prevent any overdue fees being charged to your account.

  • Invoices that are paid after 30 days may be subject to additional fees. Please contact our billing consultant if you are having problems making a timely payment. Accounts that are overdue will be at risk of being sent to collections.